Kate Mueth: Arts & Advocacy

Making art, and making a difference, are two of Kate Mueth’s top tenets as a creator. Her next project, the fourth annual Andromeda Sisters Arts and Advocacy Gala is the perfect pairing of those goals. Taking place in two parts — a night of performance on August 14 and conversations by and about those making change for social justice on September 3 — online on Zoom, the double feature aims to entertain and inform.

In keeping with the Neo-Political Cowgirls founder and Artistic Director’s main mission, making exciting theatrical work by and about the fairer sex, the two-part event showcases the talent of female-identifying playwrights, actors and social justice warriors. Those participating include Joy Behar, Blythe Danner, Lucy Boyle, Lynn Grossman, Tanya Everett, Cathy Curtin, Laura Gomez, Welker White, Ellen Dolan, Florencia Lozano, Kerry Kennedy, Roberta Kaplan, Amy Spitalnick and Dahlia Lithwick, to name a few.

Empowering and supporting women, Mueth has spent her career sharing the stage and encouraging others to speak up. In 2007, she formed the Neo-Political Cowgirls in order to help fill the dearth of women’s voices and opportunities on the American stage. Since, she and her group have produced a multitude of innovative and rule-breaking theater.

“I derive great joy at making spaces to hear women’s voices,” says Mueth. “We have to fundamentally encourage one another, because it’s up to us to save the world, and I don’t mean this as hyperbole. Things have to change drastically, and we can start that change by making space for each other and by supporting one another, generously.”

For the Andromeda outing, the first night’s entertainment includes monologues, readings, dance and performance art. On the slate are: “Goody” by Lucy Boyle, with Blythe Danner; “Brown Girl’s Guide to Self Pleasure” by Dipti Bramhandkar, with Laura Gomez; an unnamed work by Joy Behar, with Catherine Curtin; “Cucumber” by Sarah Bierstock, with Ellen Dolan; “The Funeral” by Dipti Bramhandka, with Florencai Lozano; “Bitch” by Lynn Grossman, with Welker White; unnamed works by Tanya Everett and June Jordan; a studio dance work by choreographer Vanessa Walters; and a performance art piece by Mia Funk.

The second evening features a focus on advocacy. The night will include a conversation with Integrity First For America Executive Director Amy Spitalnick, attorney and Time’s Up Defense Fund co-founder Roberta Kaplan, and journalist Dahlia Lithwick, who will discuss the landmark lawsuit against the neo-Nazis, white supremacists and hate groups responsible for the August 2017 violence in Charlottesville, and a talk by Kerry Kennedy, President of the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights organization, who will discuss social justice and equality here and around the world. Additional highlights include a performance by noted artists and performers, will read from Kennedy’s powerful human rights book “Speak Truth To Power,” and conversational access to invited guests during intermission.

“It’s all about feeling empowered and supported as we move forward, and through, “ says Mueth. “So women can speak, and share, their voices as we move the needle and create lasting and positive change.”

A true believer in arts and advocacy, the actor, director, choreographer and teacher knows that there is a difference to be made, especially in dark times. And she’s going to keep doing her part to make that difference wherever she can.

“I know it’s a drop in the bucket but it will continue to fill up,” says Mueth. And then we’ll get a bigger bucket.”

The fourth annual Andromeda Sisters Arts and Advocacy Gala will be held online via Zoom on Friday, August 14, and Thursday, September 3. For additional information and tickets, please visit www.npcowgirls.org.