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In The Hampton’s – Kelly Bensimon

Kell Apt - Celia Talbot Tobin

Hampton’s Real Estate Showcase Magazine sits down with Kelly Bensimon to talk about her new book “In The Spirit of The Hampton’s”

“I went riding at Wolffer this morning and plan to do yoga at home later in the afternoon. I did a short film with artist Nick Weber yesterday, he’s an amazing artist,” explained model, author, and mom Kelly Killoren Bensimon.  For Kelly, it was a typical day filled with friends, creativity, and a curiosity for the corner of the world which she loves most, the Hamptons.

Back in 2001 Kelly first released “In The Spirit of the Hamptons” with Martine Assouline. This summer she is back with a update created in just two short weeks over her Christmas vacation.  “I really wanted to update my book because as I’ve gotten older, my experiences have changed me, and my perception of the Hamptons has changed. I felt that the area deserved the respect to show how it’s getting better and evolving.”

“I’ve made my best friends that I’ve had for over 20 years in the Hamptons,” she said with a sigh, “I’ve just made my closest, closest friends in the Hamptons.”  With that cadre of talented friends, Kelly explains, “I begged Martine Assouline for two years to redo the book and she gave me the go ahead, but told me I had two weeks. In two weeks we compiled hundreds and hundreds of pictures from friends who are surfers and writers.  We had iPhone pictures and my kids took pictures.  It was just such a fun experience. It was more exciting that my friends were so enthusiastic about it, and I knew that I was doing the right thing.”

“Most people think of the Hamptons as a place to party and share a house and vacation. For me the Hamptons is packed with such unbelievable history.” Kelly, a history buff, went on to share stories with me about Teddy Roosevelt’s Rough Riders who sought refuge in the Hamptons to recover from malaria, and the artists like Jackson Pollack to whom beach towel placement marked the pecking order.  You can find more anecdotes and great images from across the East End in “In The Spirit of the Hamptons”.

Where does Kelly take refuge and enjoy down time out east?  “Every morning I go to Once Upon A Bagel in Wainscott and I get a sugar free muffin and a cappuccino. I love the orecchiette at Cittanuova in East Hampton. I am obsessed with candy and love Dylan’s Candy Bar [in East Hampton].”  When the sun goes down and her daughters are at sleepovers, Kelly says, “I’ve had some really fun nights at SL East.  I like to go to Ruschmeyer’s and Surf Lodge. I go to Cyril’s and The Hideaway, my favorite restaurant on the planet, for margaritas.”  When she’s just relaxing with her girls, you can find her at Wiborg Beach in East Hampton.

For Kelly, “In The Spirit of the Hamptons” is, “Just such a special book.  It is more than a cataloging of places I love. It’s a scrap book of who and what I love, and why I love them.”



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