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Shower Power


After a hot summer day out east, whether it is by the ocean, the sound, the bay, or at the pool, the coolest feeling of all might just be the stream of fresh water coming down from your fabulous outdoor shower…

Unlike an indoor shower, an outdoor shower lets you enjoy the fresh air, open sky, and even a view of the ocean or bay, while leaving all that sand, saltwater, chlorine, and sunblock behind. And since an outdoor shower can be used from April to November, it will also save on the wear and tear of your indoor shower.

Joseph R. LaFace, founder of Joseph R. LaFace Construction, Inc. since 1987, has designed many outdoor showers over the course of his career. He custom built and designed his own outdoor shower for his newly built home with a pool in East Quogue. According to Joe, the best place to build your outdoor shower is within easy access to the interior of your home. Materials such as cedar or mahogany are best as they are long lasting and durable, able to withstand all weather conditions. For the interior of the shower, it is best to use a natural or light stain, with not much sealant as it is enclosed and unable to dry out like the exterior. Designing an outdoor shower takes an artistic flair to make it both blend in with the environment and stand out as a decorative piece. Joe chose cantilevered decorative beams for the outside perimeter. He also designed a unique long-lasting wooden slide-bolt handle for the door and chose a stain to match the siding of the house. He built lattice around the top for a more open feeling and designed a separate partition for a changing room with a matching bench and towel holder. So after a dip in the pool, you can leave that chlorine outside and feel refreshed under the open sky.

Tony Villar, artist and carpenter, known for his imaginative Tikis at Ditch Plains in Montauk, designed and built an outdoor shower for a Mediterranean-style home up on the cliffs of Montauk overlooking the ocean. This artistic shower is made of cedar planks, slightly weathered, blending in with the natural grapevine arbor overhanging the courtyard beside the lattice wall. The shower has a partition on the inside with a bench for changing. On the outside there is a built-in multi-use table for drying wet towels and bathing suits. Or it can be used for entertaining, functioning as a serving table for food and drinks. It also has a decorative use with metallic artwork displayed on the side. At the upper back of the shower is a framed opening with a view, so while rinsing off you can look out at the spectacular ocean below.

After spending time in the sun, whether by the ocean, the sound, the bay, or at the pool, cooling off in your outdoor shower is a delightful and refreshing way to relax, while dreaming of more fun-filled days to come.

Ruth Thomas, a freelance writer on the East End enjoys history, music, literature, art, nature, the beach, and her cute dachshund, Clancy. She can be contacted at [email protected]