Thursday, November 30
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A Day With… Judi Desiderio of Town & Country

Founder, Chief Executive Officer and President of Town & Country Real Estate, Judi Desiderio is truly a teacher at heart. She came to the Hamptons because of a new job opportunity, not knowing what it would lead to. Leaving her former teaching career behind, Judi moved from Nassau County to Montauk in the quiet and cold month of February. Who knew then that this adventure would take her to the pinnacle of success she has achieved today. Over the past decade, Town & Country has grown into the largest independent brokerage on the East End with eight offices and over 160 agents.

Current Status: Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Town & Country Real Estate

Name your happy place: Being with my family enjoying our home from the garden to the beautiful sunsets over Gardner’s Bay.

Phrase I use most in real estate: “Play nice in the Sandbox”

Greatest achievement: My family is my greatest, followed up by my career.

Dream Vacation: Start with Skiing perfect powder in Vail  then off to a beautiful Caribbean sunny beach.

Real life hero: My Parents, I wouldn’t be where I am today without their support.

Any regrets your willing to expose: Selling my own holdings – never cared for it, but had to do it in order to buy.

Your Mantra: Keep moving forward.

Your Second Act: Happy to say I’m in my second act, I was a school teacher in my first act.

Proudest Moment: The birth of my two beautiful boys.    

Mentor/Muse: Too many to mention, as there are take aways from everyone we meet.

Home Type – Modern, Traditional or Farm: My home is a Nantucket Cottage but I love all types of homes.

Current mood: I always see the glass half full.

Greatest Extravagance: I designed a diamond neckless for myself based off of something I had seen.

Favorite dish: I love to make homemade pasta to compliment my husbands Lobster & blue claw crab dish.

Favorite movie: Gone with the Wind, a true classic.

Favorite book:  Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian L. Weiss, M.D.

Favorite Season: I really love all four, it makes you appreciate the change of seasons.

Coffee or Tea:  Coffee in the AM, tea in the evening.