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Meet the New “Instaqueen” of Palm Beach: Suebelle Robbins

With an Instagram following climbing as high as her Texas blonde hair, a surprising new content creator has entered the chat! Suebelle Robbins is charming fans by the thousands with her outfits of the day, fashion critiques, and coquettish sense of humor. 

Hamptons Real Estate Showcase: How does it feel to suddenly become “instafamous” at your fabulous age with a devoted Instagram following of 90,000 fans?

Suebelle: I feel it’s a gift. I never planned on this! I’ve only been on Instagram since August and the response has been unbelievable. People are so sweet with their comments 99% of the time and even the mean ones are hysterical, I fall down laughing! I love to chat about fashion, design, luxury, parties, and all things Palm Beach. My favorite prayer is “God, save the best for later”, and he sure did! 

HRES: Your fans stop you on the street now, who would YOU love to meet most?

Suebelle: It’s really wonderful to be recognized, it feels like a gift from heaven! If I was walking down the street, preferably Worth Avenue, I would love to run into a fellow Texan and brilliant designer, Tom Ford. 

HRES: Share a few of your favorite things about Palm Beach?

Suebelle: The beauty, the manicured people, homes, landscaping. It’s just all so beautiful. I came to Palm Beach when I was 23 years old for the first time and I fell in love. I was taken to the Flagler museum, Petite Marmite for the most elegant lunch on Worth Avenue, and then cocktails at The Colony. I said, someday I’m going to live here! 

HRES: What is a typical day like in the life of Suebelle Robbins?

Suebelle: I start my day with a walk along the marina, then my husband and I have coffee. I read the New York Post, check my Instagram and head out to meet a friend, attend an event, shop, or sometimes I go for a little bike ride along the Lake Trail in the afternoon. 

HRES: You live in Palm Beach with your handsome husband Richard. How long have you been married? 

Suebelle: I’ve been married for 36 years, and I’ve had a life beyond my wildest dreams with Richard. He makes me laugh and I think he loves me just a tiny bit more than I love him. Which to me is the secret of a fabulous marriage! 

HRES: How would you describe your decorating style? 

Suebelle: Oh, I love traditional. I love color and antiques I find on decorators row on South Dixie in West Palm Beach. It’s a wonderful thing to do; there must be 20 shops! Mary Mahoney on Worth Avenue has fabulous China and linens. 

HRES: Do you have a favorite piece in your home? 

Suebelle: Probably my portrait painted by Coni Belleau Adams, or my burled walnut round table with beautiful bamboo chairs from London with leopard cushions. 

HRES: You also lived in Southampton for many years? What is the biggest difference or similarity between the Hamptons and Palm Beach?

Suebelle: We had a home in Southampton for five years and it was magical. I loved it so much. The biggest difference is in the dressing — it’s much more tailored in Southampton, and Palm Beach is a little more glitzy, glamorous. 

HRES: How do you describe your personal style? 

Suebelle: I love a silk blouse and silk pants for evening with a smashing pair of Verdura earrings. Shoes are so important. Only Chanel flats with pants, never high heels unless you’re under 35. 

HRES: What is a Suebelle secret most people don’t know? 

Suebelle: I look excellent for my age, which is 75 or 76, I’m never sure. I was recently asked if I’d had any work done and I asked back, does it look like I have? My friend said absolutely, anybody your age would never look that good! 

HRES: Is it true that you were once a Playboy bunny? 

Suebelle: Yes, and I loved it! I was a bunny at the Playboy Club in Boston across from the public garden. And then during the day I taught first grade at St. Agnes church in Arlington, Massachusetts. Quite a difference the days and the nights were never very much alike. Ha! I met lots of fun bunnies. 

Be sure to follow Suebelle on instagram @suebelle