The Wild Adventures of Dell Cullum

The Founder of Wildlife Rescue of East Hampton Has Begun His Northern Migration.

Dee and Dell Cullum are relocating to the woods of Massachusetts. They will bring with them a deep sense of sympathy and kinship with wildlife that is in their DNA. Dell’s enthusiasm for the protection of our local resident creatures is boundless and contagious. The strict code of his wildlife rescues is to relocate and rehabilitate, rather than exterminate, animals who wander into a place that happens to conflict with the lives of humans. Dell is quick to remind everyone that animals were here first, and that we humans are the real intruders, bringing with us our developments, roads, cars, etc., displacing and threatening the natural balance.

Wildlife Rescue of East Hampton ( is available 24/7, and will continue to be, thanks to Robin Conklin who took over the reins on September 1st. On August 28th, the day before the Big Move, Robin threw a going away party for Dell and Dee at Maidstone Beach Pavilion in East Hampton. Even during his own party, Dell was still on active duty, as one of the guests cried out that there was a Tern in distress on the beach. He ran to the rescue. The Tern was released in good shape two days later.

Dell, born in Amagansett, has shared his message in other ways, including giving presentations at our local schools, which he plans to continue even after his migration north. He usually brings wildlife company with him, including his blind Screech Owl Athena. He hopes that his book series about Scurry the Squirrel, including his latest, illustrated by Michele S. Mott, “The Wild Adventures of Scurry the Squirrel” will inspire young people to respect our animal friends.

Active participation in the community has always been part of Dell’s strategy. Besides leading local organizations in an annual beach cleanup, he played important roles in the recently completed restoration of The Town Pond in East Hampton, called “The Town Pond: Restoration, Recovery & Relics”. Besides using his photography and video skills to create a dramatic video record of the entire project for future generations, Dell volunteered to supervise the rescue of animals during the pond dredging process, saving 15 Turtles and other species that were trying to live in difficult conditions.

Animal rescues affect the lives of everyone, whether or not they are well known personalities. Dell’s work has, by nature, touched the lives of celebrities, including Pink Floyd founder Roger Waters and legendary animal activist and music promoter/producer Ron Delsener, who recently held a farewell dinner party for a group of Dell’s supporters. 

If you are a true friend of animals, and one stops by your home for an uninvited visit, or you happen upon one in distress in your travels, please call (844) SAV-WILD (728-9453), knowing that kind and caring help will be promptly on the way.