Light It Up!

LED Light Therapy is a relative new-comer in the therapy world. Starting in the early 1990’s, Navy Seals used these lights to help increase wound healing time. Since then, the study of LED Therapy has shown efficacy in everything from reducing wrinkles and fine lines to helping promote sleep.

Originally developed by NASA for increasing plant growth, this light therapy has come a long way. LED Light therapy is a light emitting diode therapy (LED) that uses varying wave lengths and colors for different purposes. Because they do not contain ultraviolet rays, they are safe for regular use. LED lights which are readily absorbed by the skin, are simple, and generally inexpensive with no risk involved. Typically, therapy will be cumulative, meaning that people experience results with use over time.

Red Light

Red light therapy is mostly known for its ability to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by stimulating collagen proteins which can improve skin tone and texture. Additionally, Red LED lights can help to reduce inflammation and increase circulation which can help both with skin appearance, and with overall health. Red LED lights are getting a lot of traction in the bio-hacking world for their anti-inflammatory effects. This Red Light therapy can help reduce inflammation from injury, surgery, and even menstrual cramps.

Red LED light therapy can help increase wound healing time by stimulating the repair mechanisms in the outer layer of skin. This can help both to reduce healing time and to reduce any potential scarring. A study done in 2018 showed that Red LED light therapy even improved healing time of 3rd degree burns.

Blue Light

Blue light therapy is best known for treating acne. This light targets the sebaceous glands which, when over-active, can lead to oily skin and break-outs. Blue light helps by reducing the activity of these glands making acne breakouts fewer and far between. Blue light can also help to kill acne-causing bacteria which can help to reduce pimples as well as cystic acne and nodules under the skin.

When combined with Red Light therapy, Blue LED lights can help to reduce scarring and inflammation associated with acne.

Yellow Light

Yellow LED Light therapy, sometimes referred to as Amber Light therapy, has a calming effect on the skin. Used to treat rosacea, spider veins and sun damage, this color light has soothing benefits.

Yellow LED Light therapy can help to increase red blood cell production which helps in skin healing and cellular rejuvenation. Mostly effecting the outer-most layer of skin, this light therapy helps to calm the appearance of problem skin and helps promote increased healing time.

Due to its soothing effect on the skin, this light helps to flush waste from the skin and increase lymphatic flow. This therapy can be used to aid in the reduction of clogged lymph nodes and has shown some benefits in lymphodema, especially when combined with Red LED light therapy.

Green Light

Green LED Light therapy has a calming effect on the skin. Used for hyperpigmentation, this color light helps to reduce brown spots and wrinkles by targeting the melanocytes located in the innermost layer of the skin — the cells that produce melanin. Green light helps to break up melanin clusters that cause sun-spots and inhibits excess melanin from forming. This will help to prevent brown spots from forming and even skin tone over time.

Green LED lights can also help those with sleep and stress. Exposure to green light therapy encourages the brain to enter a Theta state. This helps to calm your nerves and can help promote sleep.

LED light therapy has many helpful applications. LED light can be applied one single color at a time or combined lights. Sessions generally last for 30 minutes.

It should be noted here that LED light therapy is not recommended for those on Accutane.

LED light therapy is available at STANDwellness in Water Mill.

Tapp Francke Ingolia holds a Master’s Degree in Nutrition and Integrative Health. She founded STANDwellness in Water Mill 9 years ago as a way to help people optimize their health.