Friday, December 02
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To The Beach

Fun In The Hamptons Sun Never Tasted So Good

Summer has finally arrived, and that means it’s time to put your best foot forward and plan the party of your Fourth of July dreams. This year, consider taking the celebration on the road — and by “on the road,” we mean “to the beach.” If your holiday plans include celebrating with fireworks, cocktails, great eats, and a view of the ocean, here are some tips — and vendors — to help you create a memorable beach party this Fourth of July. 

Start Planning Early

If you intend to hire help to plan your Fourth of July beach bash, consider booking early, as caterers and party planners fill up for this much-in-demand event early. Early June is a good time to begin thinking about and planning for the Fourth of July event, even if it does seem premature. If you intend to host without help, begin organizing what you may need in advance of your event. Some of the companies that organize high-level outdoor dining events include Hampton Clambake, Hamptons Aristocrat, and East End Clambakes. 

It’s Ok to Go Casual

If you prefer a more casual event, printed blankets, Melamine plates, and bamboo flatware are useful for serving. At the Monogram Shop, in East Hampton, find plastic cups that can be customized to suit your event, which can make a statement (consider naming your event, or putting an emblem on the cups, like a picture of fireworks; you can encourage guests to take the cups home with them after the event). Even traditional beach chairs, covered in Turkish towels, can add an elevated feel to a nighttime beach event. 

Bring the Music and the Light

Instead of traditional candles, which don’t fare well at the beach, consider some new-to-the-market combination LED and Bluetooth speakers, many of which can play for up to several hours. (The brand Koble makes an affordable, portable LED lantern and speaker, which can be set in 10 different light colors; find it on 

Get Creative with the Food

A host of new-to-the-market appliances have made it easy to grill, cook, and even make pizza at the beach, so feel free to get creative. If you have a small party, the appliance maker Forté now makes a 27-pound, pellet-fueled pizza oven that can cook a 12-inch pie in about a minute. For larger groups, consider investing in the portable Solo Bonfire with the cast-iron cooking bundle. It’s a smokeless fire pit that can be easily transported, and it comes with a flattop that is perfect for cooking everything from fish to meat to vegetables. As the sun goes down and the fireworks begin, you can cook dinner yourself, as the waves provide the background beat. 

Don’t Forget the Drinks 

Drink small — small format, that is. Stay on the South Fork with Wölffer Estate Vineyard’s Wölffer No. 139 Dry Rosé Cider, which is pretty in pink. At 6.9 percent alcohol by volume, it won’t kill you with kindness, but it’s still a lovely (and local) way to toast to a holiday at the beach. Salud!