4 Ways Advertising in a Luxury Real Estate Magazine Can Increase Your Client Base

By HRES Staff - October 2, 2019
Hamptons Real Estate Advertisments

At a glance: The top 4 reasons to consider advertising in a Luxury Real Estate Publication:

  • Less Competition
  • Credibility & Persuasion
  • Print Readership Increases with Income
  • Brand Power – and Staying Power

Print isn’t dead.
In fact, there are times when it’s just as effective as, if not more effective than, digital, depending on your target market. If you’re a realtor, builder, contractor, or high-end service provider seeking new clients, advertising in real estate publications such as Hamptons Real Estate Showcase can provide major positive returns.

We are not referring to those real estate ads with one photo of a property supplemented with a 2 to 3 sentence caption that’s situated next to 6 to 12 others on the page in the back of a weekly circular; we’re referring to the beautifully photographed, properly placed advertisements in trusted monthly, quarterly, and/or semi-annual publications.

The reason that advertising in these types of publications can benefit you:

1. Printed publications have less competition.
Yes, today’s consumers spend hours online – and they know how to scour Google, Zillow, and Realtor.com. If they’ve visited anything related to homes, home services, home design, contracting, building, landscape design, and anything of the like, the pages they’ve visited will follow them around (thanks to what advertisers call behavioral retargeting or ad remarketing) – that is, of course, if the sites they visited are up to date with their advertising tactics ?

Online users are bombarded with content everywhere – whether it’s real content they’re searching for or advertisements bannered across the pages they visit for that content: so your ad could be one of those, but they’re so desensitized that the chances of your advertisement actually being paid attention to or taken seriously may not be as high as you think.

Print is not something that readers are sensitized to – in this digital day and age of limited face-to-face contact and nondigital content, tangible reading material is a breath of fresh air that garners more focus than the digital content.

2. Print is considered more credible.
…which persuades people to purchase your product or services.

Print just seems more legitimate: many people are wary of clicking ads on websites due to fears of viruses and spam; there’s no real danger that comes from reading a print ad.

Print has been proven in research to be perceived as more persuasive and more credible than simple online searches, especially by the Baby Boomer generation – the ones that are likely to be wanting to sell their own home, wanting to buy a new retirement home, or wanting to buy a home or even income-producing property for their family/future generations – sound like someone you want buying your product or services? Which leads us into #3…

3. Print readership increases with income.
The audience you want to target, as a real estate or luxury market professional, is that with discretionary income. As household income increases, so does buying power – the power to buy what you have to offer. Research has proven that, among affluent customers, magazine advertising has the most staying power and attracts the most interest.

“Placing ads in publications such as specialty magazines can effectively reach niche audiences that may be more difficult to target online.”  (Forbes)

4. Brand Power – and Staying Power
Print increases brand awareness at a higher and more luxurious scale than digital can.

The average time a consumer spends reading a print magazine is 60 minutes, whereas the average time a consumer spends on a website is 15 seconds! Plus, studies have proven that people reading digital text are less focused than when reading printed text.

What’s more: with tangible print items, your message has a longer lifespan; print publications can stay in waiting rooms, homes, and offices for months (sometimes even years)!

Publications are an excellent way to establish your brand’s aesthetic. Many advertising and marketing professionals believe in the “7 Touch Rule” – that it takes 7 interactions with your potential customer to turn him/her into a buying customer. Your ad in a publication that the potential customer sees regularly will contribute to those 7 touches, fast! 

Advertising in quality real estate publications can powerfully multiply your customer base and create a luxurious brand identity perfect for targeting your ideal client. If you’re interested in expanding your brand’s reach, contact us today to be featured in our publication!

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