MKL Construction Corp.


Building dream homes in the Hamptons for over half a century, Vice-President and CEO of MKL Construction Corp. Philip D. Kouffman talks about his role in building the Hamptons.

For most, building or renovating a home will be one of the largest investments you’ll ever make, and one of the most important.  There will be many decisions to make along the way- from finding the perfect property, choosing an architectural style, finalizing a budget, right down to selecting the color of the living room paint.

But, the single most important choice comes at the very start:  which builder will you use?

For over half a century, homeowners on the East End have been placing their confidence in MKL Construction Corporation, a three-generation family-owned business.  Since its establishment in 1960, by President, Maurice H. Kouffman, MKL has become one of the most well-known and highly respected builders of exclusive custom homes in the Hamptons.  MKL’s portfolio includes not only private residences and estates, but many of East Hampton’s iconic landmarks, such as:  The East Hampton Cinema, the fashionable 66 Newtown Lane Complex, and the East Hampton House.

When speaking with MKL’s  V.P. and CEO, Phillip Kouffman (who by the way, prefers if you call him Phil), he had this to say, “Everyday is a gift, I consider myself lucky to wake up every day and do what I love.  My passion for building has been with me since my childhood, as I learned everything I know from my Father. It gives me great pleasure now that it’s my turn, to teach and pass down the love for building to my own son, Marcus, who has taken on an important role in the family business.”

He goes on to elaborate, “It’s great to be a builder right now, for several reasons- including, advances in technology.”  (Currently, MKL is working on a number of projects in choice locations South of the Highway, waterfront in Southampton; from vacant land deals to new construction and major renovations, with several more scheduled to start in the Fall).  “Cutting edge technology and state-of-the-art monitoring systems allow us to keep our clients updated on a daily basis with pictures and videos, enabling them to see the progress of their project, and to feel at ease,  by knowing their project is being properly taken care of. It’s also great being able to build more energy efficient homes, through the knowledge and use of the latest materials.”

One cannot help but be charmed by Phil’s natural ease, authenticity, and humility, along with his expert knowledge of building and construction, and everything related to real estate in the Hamptons. Phil has been a licensed Real Estate Broker for over 30 years.

Phil also knows that his clients look at their properties as investments, as well as homes. MKL takes pride in being able to give sound advice to help position their clients for the highest return on their investment.

“What seems to be the biggest concern of your clients these days?” I ask.  Phil simply replied,  “Time… time is always an issue, as clients would like to be in their homes for summer.  Time is also a factor when it comes to site walk-throughs. Most of our clients have crazy schedules, and may only be able to meet at 4:00 on a Saturday afternoon. Guess what? We’ll meet them then. This is very reassuring for them, and in our view, key in building a great relationship.”

As our conversation comes to a close, I ask Phil how he feels about the future.  “MKL’s future is a bright one. There is a reason that 99% of our business has been referral-based.  Just visit our website and you will see the many wonderful testimonials we’ve received over the years. We have clients who have built multiple homes with us and now, we’re building for their children. I believe that our longevity, expertise, and client care, are sure to keep us positioned as the ‘go-to’ builders of the Hamptons, for generations to come.”

We Build More Than Homes. We Build Relationships