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A Shopping Guide For Design Lovers

Find Everything For The Aesthete In Your Life

The holidays have arrived and you’ve checked everyone off your list — except one. You know that person. The one who not only has everything, but who has flawless taste. Not a poor design choice in sight. Not an uncurated corner in the house. Where do you begin to shop for the person who has an innate eye for design? 

Thankfully, the Hamptons is rich with design — not only in architecture and landscaping, but in shopping options, too. Begin at Sage and Madison, in Sag Harbor, where you’ll find everything from home goods to apparel to stocking stuffers. The store sells Maison Boissier gummy bears, for instance, an iconic French treat that have been made since 1827. (The store sells a few other confections from the legendary candy store, too, ideal for the sweet-toothed connoisseur.) 

Photo: Sage and Madison

The vintage tin of bonbons boule fruits is impossible not to love if you love design; long after the candies are gone, the mint-colored tin lives on, a piece of ephemera that adds a bit of whimsy and character to any library, study, or living room, a gift that lives on in spades. The store’s selection of dark walnut serving bowls — available in both light and dark walnut and in two sizes, 15- and 17-inch diameters — are design-forward picks for those who appreciate the finer things in life. 

Clic, which has stores both in East Hampton and in the city, is a go-to for those in search of unique design-oriented gifts. The store sells Pakurigo Wave baskets, for instance, named for master weaver John Akurigo and Palash Singh, who created the signature technique demonstrated in these multi-colored and rippled works of art. A series of Silaire mohair throw blankets also make excellent gifts, particular during the coldest months of the year. Clic also carries Serax ceramics, and the detailed, intricate pieces make one-of-a-kind gifts for those with modern or transitional homes. 

For design lovers who also love their linens, head directly to Amagansett, where you’ll find everything from quality napkins to high-end tea towels at French Presse. The stunning macro Sangallo lace Bijou tablecloth, available in several colorways — Bianco, Anthracite, Tisana — is an unmatched present for the consummate entertainer. A slightly more affordable gift? A set of four Fur Dhari 29 linen napkins, handwoven in India and bright with pink, navy, and light blue tones. The store sells pretty tableware, too, like handblown tumblers in a rainbow of colors (aqua, topaz, sky); borosilicate glass pitchers made in Italy; candleholders; and even milk bottle match strikers. 

Photo: Clic

Southampton’s Aerin urges you to see the gold lining. This year’s objets d’arte that are most worthy of gifting include all that is gilded: a strawberry, for instance, statuesque on a coffee table, or a brass shell vide poche, or a footed Deco small bowl. A Mila decorative box, topped with a turquoise knob, is meant to hide treasures untold. Fill it with another gift: a ring, a handful of chocolates, sea glass from a favorite beach. Or leave it empty for your design-minded friend or family member to fill as time goes on.