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Broker Showcase: HTUN HAN

Q: As a Hamptons native, how has The Hamptons changed since you were a kid?

A: I wish I was able to define myself as a true Hamptons native, since I have been here only since 1977.  But even in that relatively short period of time, the changes have been quite profound, especially in the disappearance of all the Mom & Pop stores on Main Street, and also how crowded the place has become.

What do you like to do in the Hamptons …after selling real estate of course?

A: I have been an active volunteer with the Amagansett Fire Department Ambulance Squad for the past 29 years.

Q: What is the most challenging aspect of being a real estate agent for you?

A: Keeping up with all the changes in local and regional codes, laws, rules and regulations pertaining to all aspects of real estate including environmental, planning, zoning, building, code enforcement, etc.

Q: What is the best advice you can give a 2nd homebuyer when searching for a vacation home in the Hamptons?

A: First, line up the necessary financing ahead of time, even before doing any initial research for the real estate, and get a mortgage pre-qualification letter at least.  It’s even better, if they can, to get a pre-approval letter. They can then find out definitively what amount they can spend in total for their dream house.  The second important step after that is to find and identify the right broker – one whom you are comfortable working with.

Q: As one of the more seasoned real estate agents in the Hamptons, what is it that sets you apart from the others?

A: The time, energy, enthusiasm, integrity and attention to detail that I extend to each and every deal, whether it is a rental, a home or a commercial transaction, from the modest starter homes to the large estates.

Q:What is a typical day like in real estate for you?

A: Each day is a different day in the life of a real estate broker.   Very often, I would start the day with no firm appointments or even a to-do list, and that could turn out to be a very busy and hectic day.  We have to be ready to roll with the proverbial punch every day.

Q: Can you tell us about some of your more notable sales?

A: One year when three friends, who had rented together for the previous few years, decided instead to purchase. Within a few weeks, I had sold them a total of four properties (they had mentioned their plans to a fourth friend), all in Amagansett, in the Dunes, and one of them was a 2-acre oceanfront home.

Q: What is the most personally satisfying part of your work?

A: When everything comes together in the end – at title closing – with all parties involved in the transaction walking away happy, satisfied and contented.  I sincerely feel my role in the business is not as a salesman, but more of a match-maker,

Q: If you had a bucket list, what would be #1 on your list?

A: To have properties listed for rent or for sale at the right prices, and not grossly inflated either with (a) a built-in negotiation factor; or because (b) that is what their neighbors had gotten for their house or (c) that is the amount they require for the next house they intend to purchase.

Htun Han 

Licensed Real Estate Broker


[email protected]