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Montauk Second House Restoration

By Barbara Baker - January 21, 2019

The oldest remaining structure standing in Montauk is getting a restoration. The shingled dwelling was originally built in 1746 and had additions made in 1797, which cost “three gallons of rum,” according to Town Trustee records.

Currently a part of the Montauk Historical Society, Second House has been closed to the public but is planned to reopen its doors this spring after the restorations are complete. The plan is to restore the building in the likeness of its state in the late 19th century when it served as a “keepers house.” In addition to providing shelter for sheep and cattle keepers, it’s also been a school and, more recently, a museum.

The Historical Society website claims that notable members of the Morgan, Pierrepont, and van Rensselaer families have stayed in the house at some point–and it used to only cost $10 to stay there for a whole week in 1900.

Photo credit and information: Montauk Historical Society

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