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Lianne Alcon is multi-lingual – not only in terms of English, Spanish and a bit of French but in her artistic languages.
Robin Gianis masterfully brings nature to life in her ceramics and drawings, capturing the intricacies of plants or creatures.
Artist Henriques-Adams is leaning into her creativity, enjoying not only time for her painting but a new light-filled studio recently added onto her Sag Harbor home.
Sylvia Hommert's art is not only visually pleasing but visceral. One can enjoy the aesthetic qualities and appreciate the creative craftsmanship, but the vibrant energy first strikes the viewer.
Adam Baranello is a bit of a modern renaissance man, a multidisciplinary artist making music, dance, fashion, film and paintings. And just like the label he designed for the special edition of Channing Daughter’s wine, it is all done with heart.
If you are looking for the magical and the mystical, the realm where the subconscious and conscious swim together, enter the land of artist Amy Zerner.
The East End has fully embraced the farm to table movement.
For photographer Jaime Lopez who grew up in Peru and has traveled the world during his successful fashion photography career, Sagaponack remains the nearest and dearest to his heart...
From the land of “strange fruit” comes exquisitely hand carved guitars which strum the stories of a dark history.
Naomi Clark embarked on her artistic journey by thinking outside the box, literally.