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would find yourself immersed in the art of Gabriele Raacke. 
Sometimes, second acts in life are the most exciting.
Painter and collage artist Cabell Molina takes the traditional patriarchal notion of a woman’s place and turns it on its head, or in the case of her images, on a woman’s head.
You can almost hear the whispers of ghosts of abstract expressionists past when you visit the Springs waterfront home and studio of artist Kevin Bishop.
For artist Rachel Wilkins whose “Shoulders of Giants” was recently exhibited at the Chase Edwards Gallery in Bridgehampton to celebrate Pride month, waiting for a gate keeper to grant her entry to an art career was not an option.
Artist Dr. Leslee Stradford reaches back to her family roots to create “The Night Tulsa Died: The Black Wall Street Massacre 1921,” both a book and an exhibit at the Julie Keyes Gallery in Sag Harbor.
The Next Generation Redefines Palm Beach’s Art Scene
Artist Chris Kelly creates striking paintings based on the power of lines, but in returning to his East Hampton roots he has come full circle.
What does it feel like to be seen, truly seen? The power of portraits resides not in the perfection of the subject but in the revelation of their true self.
The window itself as art taps in to the human spirit, inviting the viewer to consider the inside looking out as well as the outside looking in.