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For photographer Jaime Lopez who grew up in Peru and has traveled the world during his successful fashion photography career, Sagaponack remains the nearest and dearest to his heart...
From the land of “strange fruit” comes exquisitely hand carved guitars which strum the stories of a dark history.
Naomi Clark embarked on her artistic journey by thinking outside the box, literally.
Born and raised in East Hampton, Richard Mothes wonders, “Is home a geographic location? Is it the people? The culture?
Stephanie Joyce’s art is grounded in nature while embodying an ethereal quality, a foot in both the earthly and heavenly realms.
Artist Estefany Molina has a very deep, soulful connection to her work.
After a successful chapter creating one-of-a-kind ceramics for the top stores in New York City, Glynn wanted to explore his next act in Sag Harbor.
Photographer Lynn Savarese beautifully captures this depth of expression in her fine art.
How do you keep your humanity in circumstances that are inhumane? For Hope Sandrow the answer is art, and specifically art as a catalyst for change.
For Jeremy Dennis, art has become his form of expression and giving voice to his tribe, past, present and future.