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Infusing Joy

The Fine Art of Lianne Alcon

Lianne Alcon is multi-lingual – not only in terms of English, Spanish and a bit of French but in her artistic languages. Her images have their own fluency from representational to abstract and everything in between, yet always emanating a sense of energy and flow. “Art is food for my soul – it feeds me. And just like I can’t eat the same thing every day, I can’t paint the same thing every day,” says Alcon, “I have to constantly keep changing and evolving to keep myself interested as well as the public.”

Alcon has a wonderful creative flare in all aspects of her life from fashion to decorating to cooking. The artist’s way was always her destiny. She says, “I’ve been an artist since I could hold a crayon. I’ve never thought about anything else.” Along with her natural talent, she has always enjoyed studying art from her favorite subject in school to a bachelor of fine arts in college. “It was great to have all the painting and techniques but I also had a concentration in graphic design so I didn’t starve to death,” she says with a laugh. Those skills have also made her in demand for marketing, photography and social media.

While she was formally trained in oil, she mostly uses acrylics and has also explored inks, water colors and collage. Her current body of work of colorful pop art with magical figures is enticing an audience who is looking for positivity. “It’s bright, colorful and joyful,” Alcon explains, “I wanted to do something vibrant and abstract but not just random lines. It’s whimsical and almost like doodles.” Collectors are also drawn to the energy to decorate their homes. With so much negativity in the world, it is an antidote to live with joyful original art. “People connect with a piece and it speaks to them and they want it – that’s what art is supposed to do. It goes beyond it being an investment,” she says adding with a smile, “As much as I appreciate Francis Bacon, I don’t necessarily want one of his pieces in my house.”

Color like those of the chakras or through prisms of light is also another language for Alcon. She says, “The puritans thought the color red was evil – because the color red provoked passion. There’s a lot to be said about color and what it does. I’m a person that suffers from depression and I believe part of the reason why my art is so vibrant is that it’s one of the ways I deal with it and try to project happiness.” Alcon even jokes that when she has a spare moment, she prefers Disney Plus to Netflix true crime dramas. Many of these vibrant fun designs have also transformed into prints for fabrics and Alcon has debuted her own clothing lines as well.

Travel is also her muse and Alcon spends time in the Hamptons, Louisville and Spain. “Travel is a great influence because it’s constant exposure to different cultures, architecture, ways of life, and flora and fauna. Traveling is one of the best ways to gain education outside of a classroom.”

Lianne Alcon

Along with art fairs and exhibits such as her recent show at the Blue Gallery in New York City, Alcon’s online marketing skills have been another great way to connect with her audience. “Social media is a great tool because you can target by radius of an address or with common interest and key words. It’s a minimal cost, two-to-three-week advertising before a show, and you get to gather new clients. Although word of mouth is always number one in anything you do.” And that word of mouth can be in any language.