Friday, February 23
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In the case of the beguiling images created by Christa Maiwald, they literally look good enough to eat.
Back in the days before we considered “influencers” those who amassed followers for revealing the world’s best lip gloss, influencers were groundbreakers in all artistic disciplines. The Parrish Art Museum explores this concept in their Artists Choose Artists exhibits...
Here's a curated list of five of the best restaurants in Miami to satisfy your appetite for both art and gastronomy during Art Basel.
Two of Miami’s most exciting art events are just around the corner: Miami Art Week held December 6-10 and Art Basel Miami Beach held December 8 -10.
Grief is both a personal experience and a communal one for Artist Brianna L. Hernandez.
Capraro whose lineage is both Argentinian and Italian, was encouraged by her husband to paint and paint big.
Irina Alimanestianu channels both the seen and the unseen through her captivating art.
Oscar Molina Embraces His Second Act
Lianne Alcon is multi-lingual – not only in terms of English, Spanish and a bit of French but in her artistic languages.
Robin Gianis masterfully brings nature to life in her ceramics and drawings, capturing the intricacies of plants or creatures.