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In The Hamptons – Susan Lucci

Legendary actress Susan Lucci sat down recently with to chat about her favorite Hamptons haunts.


Susan, who has had much success with starring roles on daytime drama “All My Children” and now on Lifetime’s “Devious Maids,” is living the good life on the East End in Quogue these days when she has a break from her busy shooting schedule.  Susan will be in the Hamptons to host the upcoming “Rock the Dock” gala for Sag Harbor’s Bay Street Theatre later this July.

What’s life like for La Lucci in the Hamptons?  “Fantastic, how could it not be?” she began.  “I just love our time out east on Long Island and it’s funny because our home is here in Garden City.  Our home in Quogue is about an hour and fifteen minutes from here and yet something happens, and my friends and I out there will always talk about it, there is something that happens magically as we get closer to the east end of Long Island. Whether it’s the gorgeous water, whether it’s the fact that emails are not piling up, you know, it’s our other home.  It’s just a gorgeous combination of things.”

What are some of those gorgeous things? “So many good restaurants and gorgeous shops, and it’s just very relaxed and very beautiful.”  When it came to naming names, the Daytime Emmy winner dished on her faves, “Oh my goodness, so many. Mirko’s in Water Mill.  I love Stone Creek (in East Quogue) and Starr Boggs in Westhampton. These would be three of my favorites.”  With her signature smile she couldn’t help but add one more, “I also love Sant Ambroeus in Southampton. I love them all!”

“Sag Harbor is one of my favorite spots,” she tells us.  “I like to drive out there in the winter as well. I love it.  I love that whole artistic vibe that you get in Sag Harbor. It’s a different vibe from any of the other Hamptons as far as I feel. There’s a big artistic community and I love it.”

Susan is no stranger to Bay Street Theatre and the beautiful village of Sag Harbor, making the rounds regularly with her devoted husband Helmut Huber to shows and galas there over the years.    “I started going to plays.  I saw ‘Pippin’ at Bay Street Theatre and then went last year and saw great production after great production.  For anybody who has ever been in the business, or did Summer Stock, or worked in a summer theatre, or loves theater, there is this feeling in the Bay Street Theatre that just reminds you of all the good reasons you got into the business.  Of all the good reasons why you wanted to be on stage. You feel the history there, the smell of the grease paint, the roar of the crowd, I mean it’s all there and you feel it.”