Thursday, November 30
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Hampton Habitues

Sagaponack’s Jimmy Fallon, known for his quick wit and speedy joke delivery, is gearing up for life in the fast lane. Starting April 6, the “Tonight Show” host will be the star of Universal Orlando’s newest 3D attraction, “Race Through New York.” The ride, whose starting line begins at a recreated 30 Rock, will zoom participants around familiar New York City landmarks while tooling underground via subway, flying high above the skyscrapers and even diving into the East River before crossing the finish line. In what looks to be some super hot and hard-to-get tickets, the “Tonight Show” will tape episodes at the theme park from April 3 through April 6.

Fallon’s Sagaponack neighbor and his wife Nancy Juvonen’s bestie, Drew Barrymore, is enjoying her own personal thrill ride—starring in the wacky Netflix series “Santa Clarita Diet,” which premiered in February. The horror-comedy should be a big hit with real estate obsessed South Forkers, as it focuses on a successful agent who goes to bed as a successful shark and wakes up as a flesh-eating zombie. That sure gives new meaning to the industry’s commission-only “eat what you kill” philosophy.

Katie Couric and her husband, John Molner, have been cooking up much healthier fare for their new web series, “Full Plate with Katie & John.” Teaming up with Sur La Table National Chef Joel Gamoran and Greenpan Cookery, the trio shows viewers how to whip up fresh and easy meals in 20 minutes or less.

Additionally, the Human Rights Campaign Foundation will honor the Yahoo Global News Anchor, who recently produced and starred in “National Geographic’s Gender Revolution” documentary, with an Upstander Award for her groundbreaking work raising awareness for LGBTQ youth safety. The ceremony, held in partnership with the National Education Foundation and the American Counseling Association, will be held during the HRC’s fourth annual Time to Thrive conference in April in Washington, D.C.

Another East End couple, Jenno Topping and Chris Moore of Sagaponack, have also been extremely busy making hay while the sun shines. The prolific pair of movie producers have both been on the receiving end of multiple awards and audience accolades of late. Among other things, Ms. Topping’s female empowering history-based “Hidden Figures” and Mr. Moore’s moody melodrama “Manchester by the Sea” were both nominated for Best Picture at the 2017 Academy Awards. Her next big project includes the action comedy “Snatched,” with Goldie Hawn and Amy Schumer, which will be released in May. Moore will share his insider knowledge about indie filmmaking at the Aspen Live Music Conference’s prestigious Music Media Summit in Santa Barbara in April.

Meanwhile, Southampton’s Brooke Shields (who also happens to be married to a producer, Chris Henchy) has her own good news to share, via satellite. The actress and bestselling author’s “Brooke Shields Now” limited-run series is currently airing on SiriusXM’s Stars channel. The weekly one-hour talk show focuses on parenting and relationships but will also delves into the topics of fashion, the arts and the actress’s personal experiences in the limelight.

Lastly, art-making trailblazer Audrey Flack of East Hampton—one of the most influential painters of the photorealist movement and the first woman to be included in “W.H. Jansen’s History of Art”—has just received the Women’s Caucus for Art’s Lifetime Achievement Award. The painter and sculptor has been involved with the organization since its earliest days in 1979, when the awards were given in then President Jimmy Carter’s Oval Office at the White House, and set forth the nomination for Springs-based artist Lee Krasner, who earned hers in 1980. This year’s ceremonies were held in February at the New York Institute of Technology.