Haute Spot

When it comes to the East End, especially in the summer months, people come and people go. But those who manage to stay just a little bit longer know that the best parts of the Hamptons are in those special places that are, hopefully, here for more than a fleeting season.
On the lookout for the hottest tickets around, the biggest spectacles, or the most shining of stars, hordes of visitors venture out during peak times to our sun-soaked shores. Yet lovers of the land and sea know that the most valuable assets to be had here aren’t the glitz and glamor, but instead our natural wonders. And of course, the people who recognize, appreciate and care for them.
Capturing that rampant beauty, oftentimes hidden right under our noses, are a number of respected local photographers. Among them are Durell Godfrey, Lisa Tamburini, Kimberly Goff and Diane Tepper, who know that there is no better scene to behold than that of a quiet beach visited just before the crowds arrive, that quick glimpse of a lone adventurer passing by as they explore the wild topography from the seat of a small watercraft or from up on high, or the many rare and splendid sights that unfold during a solitary walk to a favorite secluded spot.
With cameras in hand, they set out to document the true treasures of the Hamptons. Here are their favorite finds, as well as one of mine.


1. “I’m most drawn to the ‘unbeachy’ moments when the sky is less a brilliant blue than a moody story waiting to unfold. Taken on a cold and gloomy January afternoon, that lone parasail floating just under the dark clouds and into the light made me think ‘Silver Blue Lining’.” – Dawn Watson

2. “The fisherman, lost in his sport, never knew he was being photographed at dawn in Ditch Plains. I love the movement of the fisherman, the footsteps in the sand, the ethereal light.” – Diane Sabesin Tepper

3. “Just as the lifeguards finished setting up, early in the morning at Long Beach, where I love to run.” – Lisa Tamburini

4. “Yes, the houses are glorious, but the paddling is better.” – Kimberly Goff

5. “I always take the back roads; this is one of my favorites. In Wainscott on Hedges Lane, I enjoy the mysterious fogs that roll in from the ocean, across the remaining fields.” – Durell Godfrey