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Kitchen Keepers

Rounding out your kitchen with some striking conversation pieces can make your home feel new, not to mention more functional and safe.

WT Rise and Shine Rooster Fire Extinguisher A stylish way to boost kitchen safety. Always handy on the countertop. 11” H x 3.2” D $195
Check Carving Board As chic for charcuterie as it is convenient for carving with a well to catch the juices. The check pattern comes from a handmade mix of acacia and rubberwood. 17.5” wide, 13” long, 1” tall $218
Enclume ® Standing 8-Tier Pot Rack This space saving rack keeps all your pots and pans within easy reach on eight graduated tiers plus three hooks. $349.95 crate&
Cuisinart ® Private Reserve ® Dual Zone 16-bottle Wine Fridge Compact countertop wine cellar offers two separate cooling units for two different temperature settings. 20.35” W x 20.78” D x 17.71” H $499.95 crate&
Roll Up Dish Drying Rack Also can be used to wash fruits and vegetables. This stainless steel multi-purpose rack that fits over the sink saves space and keeps the counter free of clutter. $21.99
Woven Collapsible Food Tent Keep flies and other critters away from prepared foods with this tent similar to the covers used for generations in African and Asian cultures. Hand crafted by expert weavers in the Philippines so each purchase helps support the basketry cottage industry. $56
Bamboozle Bamboo Compost Bin One of the prettiest ways to collect food scraps until you’re ready to go to a compost site. The replaceable charcoal filter in its lid absorbs garbagy odors and is dishwasher safe. The bin can also be stored in the freezer to pause the composting process. $50 to $52.50