Kitchen Must Haves

Elevate Your East End Kitchen With These Curated Finds And Get Cooking…

Coffee Style

This 1960s wooden coffee mill, crafted of solid teak and lacquered brass, originates from Denmark. It’s the perfect complement to your morning routine.

Wine on Display

Crafted in Minnesota, this wall-mounted steel wine rack holds five bottles and makes the most of vertical space.

Mini Space

Minikitchen is a large trolley with kitchen functions including refrigerators, drawers, storage, sockets for small electrical appliances, big chopping boards, and
pull-out worktops.

Local Recipes

Written by Sybille van Kempen with Licia Kassim Householder, and with photographs by Conor Harrigan, Loaves and Fishes Farm Series Cookbooks pay homage to all things locally grown.

To The Market

These jute bags with canvas trim are roomy enough to bring home all of your market goods. The stiff base supports heavier loads and the inner pocket keeps your keys and wallet close at hand.


Revolution’s touch-screen toaster features smart cooking sensors that perfectly toast bread, bagels, waffles, toaster pastries, and English muffins to your liking. It also has a 15-second reheat function for when your toast gets cold.

Ultimate Fryer

At 10 liters, the Chefman multifunctional air fryer offers next-level convenience. Use the dehydrator to turn overflow from the farmers’ market into grab-and-go snacks.

Keep It Hot
Ember’s patented technology allows you to set the precise temperature of your hot beverage, so you can enjoy your drink from the first sip to the last drop.

Reduce Waste

Vitamix’s FoodCycler is compact to fit your living space. Fruit cores, vegetable peels, dairy, chicken bones, and more — the FoodCycler transforms food scraps into fertilizer and reduces your family’s food waste.

Cool Off

If you’re a fan of flat whites, café au lait, or other espresso-based drinks, Jura’s Cool Control keeps your milk fresh at an optimal 39°F. The level indicator reminds you when to refill the container.