Friday, February 23
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After one of the coldest Februarys on record combined with an endless cycle of snow and ice, spring has finally sprung. And with it has come the incredible desire to obtain that beautiful oasis in the Hamptons. With new construction booming, interest rates low, and pricing up, the time is right to secure your piece of paradise in the Hamptons.
HRES: How did you get your start in Real Estate? Mary Slattery: I started in Real Estate in 2006 after a career in fundraising and development on the East End. My circle of friends kept suggesting that I try my hand in Hamptons real estate and I finally took the plunge.
The living room is the heart of the home. “Especially when you’re at the beach,” says Manhattan interior designer James Huniford. Because of the particular joys of entertaining in the Hamptons—a mood set by the sun, the sea, the thrill of the getaway—Huniford’s approach to a Hamptons living room creates a relaxed environment geared towards social gatherings, from intimate moments with one or two friends, to large parties where a never ending parade of guests may be marching through the front door.
Though national home furnishings chains are seeping onto the South Fork more and more—think Ethan Allen, Restoration Hardware, Pottery Barn, and the upcoming Home Goods—there is a generous assortment of local emporiums, each with its own distinct personality.
Geoff Kuzara, who grew up on a small subsistence farm at the foot of the Big Horn Mountains in Wyoming, still lives part of the year in that state while also residing in the Hamptons. Having spent his childhood with drill presses, lathes, welders, farm machinery, and livestock learning the basics of engineering and fabrication, it’s no wonder he’s gone on to produce hundreds of wheel-thrown stoneware pieces, dozens of chairs, tables, benches, custom furnishings, and countless small sculptures from multiple materials.
In 1979 Michelle Murphy and Robert Strada, a young couple who’d known each other only eight months, began to look for their perfect Hamptons house. Real estate agent Ceil Ackley took them to a shingle-style Amagansett house built in 1894 to give them an idea of the sort of old-world house they sought. Alas, it wasn’t for sale. Yet the pair fell so in love with the authentic relic of times past that a deal was soon struck.
British rocker Roger Waters of Pink Floyd “has beenat war for three years over a right-of-way that gives his neighbors on Quimby Lane access to Sag Pond,” according to Richard Johnson in the New York Post. Apparently Waters’ neighbors have objected to the rock star’s builder, Benzz Krupinski, driving equipment down the shared right-of-way, so they blocked traffic with a chain.
Perhaps the ultimate Hamptons pool is one being built in Southampton as we speak.  Made by the Tortorella Group it boasts two outer walls made entirely of glass—the better to view the ocean. Another Tortorella pool, in Sagaponack, has been elevated to allow people to walk underneath and look up through its glass floor.
John Tarbet and his wife, Jennifer, had their eye on the house at 29 Huntting Lane in East Hampton for quite a while. The Queen Anne-style abode, which was built for the family of prominent merchant and farmer Henry D. Hedges in...
You’ve learned how to prepare kale in 18 different ways. And you’d never think of eating a nonorganic strawberry, but have you considered how toxins are seeping into the air from just about everything in your home? According to the Environmental Protection Agency, our indoor air is three times more polluted than outdoor air. And we spend 90 percent of our time indoors. What to do?